Posted Saturday at 8:59pm

Mar 12

Strays come and go regularly at our shelter – some of the luckier dogs stay for a few nights until their owner comes to redeem them, and some unfortunately end up staying with us for a while. Alida, a beautiful 3 year old Bull Terrier Mix, was one of the unluckier ones. Alida was found roaming the streets of Hudson by a dog control officer, and in turn was brought to us a year ago on March 9th. Since then she has graced us with her presence at the shelter, showing us her many talents, tricks, and quirks. Alida can sit, as well as lie down, for the simple price of a treat. She is very smart and learns quickly, and has a witty personality and a mind of her own. She’ll do well in a home with other dogs and older kids, but she is not too fond of cats. Please take the time to check this special girl out – she is very loving and will make a great doggie companion! Call us at 518-828-6044.