… and then there’s Maude!

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Apr 15

Maude has been at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA for over a year hoping to find a new home. Because of her sweet, kind disposition she has been the Humane Society’s go-to dog for countless photo ops with donation-wielding adults, kids, families, girl and boy scouts – you name it. She even performed as the canine guest of honor at multiple children’s birthday parties held at the shelter!

Maude has sat patiently as family after family walked past her to choose another dog. She’s watched hundreds of dogs come in homeless and get adopted into their new forever families.

Now it’s Maude’s turn.

She doesn’t get along with dogs or cats, but she loves all people – especially children. She’s 9 years old, but has the gentle, playful heart of a young dog. Her adoption fee is sponsored, which means Maude is free to an approved home, including all her medical needs.

Let’s put social media to some good use and circulate Maude’s story. Please share this with everyone you know, and ask them to share it with everyone they know.

For more information, contact the adoption staff at CGHS/SPCA at (518) 828-6044 ext. 100 or email Jessica@cghs.org.