CGHS/SPCA, ASPCA partner to help find dogs rescued from a NYC fighting operation new homes

Posted Thursday at 12:47pm

Sep 6

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA (CGHS/SPCA) has received four dogs that were rescued by the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), at the request of the New York Police Department (NYPD) and Bronx District Attorney’s Office. During the raid, responders removed 50 dogs, some of which had scars that were consistent with fighting dogs. A good portion of the dogs were underweight, and had skin infections and other medical issues.

In a six-story Bronx apartment building, responders found that the basement had been converted into an elaborate dog fighting operation,where dogs were kept in crude cages, living most of their days in complete darkness. These dogs rarely saw daylight, and it was usually only when they were brought outside to be trained for fighting. In a separate area of the basement, officials found a makeshift dog fighting arena, complete with an area for spectators. In addition, authorities found a loaded handgun, cash, and paraphernalia consistent with a very sophisticated dog fighting operation. The building’s superintendent, Raul Sanchez, was arrested and charged with 63 counts of animal fighting, 13 of which were felony charges.

The NYPD and Bronx District Attorney’s Office contacted the ASPCA to assist them with evidence collection and documentation, as well as removal, transport, medical treatment, and evaluations for all the dogs, ranging from puppies to adults. For more than two months, the ASPCA cared for all the dogs, providing them with medical treatment, extensive socialization, and a healthy diet.

Because of the fragile state of these dogs, the ASPCA turned to some of its most trusted partners—such as CGHS/SPCA—to help with the placement of these dogs. The Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA has an impeccable reputation and years of experience in working with and caring for animals in such a sensitive state.

“We’re proud to have these dogs at our shelter, and to be a part of their journey from a horrific life—devoid of kindness and compassion — to a loving and caring new home. This opportunity clearly exemplifies our mission and the goals of both current and past Boards of Directors of CGHS/SPCA,” said Ron Perez, President/Investigator of CGHS/SPCA.

All four dogs (Piggie, Daphne, Laila, and Amber) are females, approximately between 2 and 4 years old. All four girls are up for adoption and will go home spayed, vaccinated, and health tested.

To view these dogs, receive more information, or apply for a pre-approval application, you can go to our website at, or call us at (518) 828-6044.