Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA Receives $75,000 Grant for Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic

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Nov 17

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA has received a $75,000 grant from the PARC Foundation to support the low-cost veterinary clinic at the shelter. The clinic is open to the public, catering to pet owners with limited incomes, and offers services for cats, dogs, and rabbits. These services include spay/neuter, minor surgeries, vaccinations, health testing, flea/tick and worm preventatives, microchipping, basic teeth cleaning, and health and wellness exams. CGHS/SPCA collaborates with Chathams Small Animal Hospital to provide these services to the community.


“I congratulate my friends at CGHS/SPCA for receiving this very important grant. This grant will allow us to continue the spay and neuter program at CGHS/SPCA to not only control the overpopulation of pets, but also make pet ownership more affordable to those individuals who could not afford to own a pet otherwise,” said Dr. Jerry Bilinski, owner of Chathams Small Animal Hospital and Medical Director of the CGHS/SPCA low-cost veterinary clinic.


“We are very grateful to the PARC Foundation for their support. These funds will make life-altering, quality changes for hundreds of animals that will be seen at our veterinary clinic, many of which would otherwise go without medical care,” said CGHS/SPCA President/CEO Ron Perez.


All services at the clinic are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, pet owners can call (518) 828-6044 ext. 100.


PARC Foundation 11-16-15


Photo: Pictured are CGHS/SPCA President/CEO Ron Perez (left), and Chathams Small Animal Hospital Owner and Medical Director of the CGHS/SPCA low-cost veterinary clinic, Dr. Jerry Bilinski (right).