Eleven dogs survive horrific conditions, now need homes

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Jan 16

Eleven dogs survive horrific conditions, now need homes


The Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA (CGHS/SPCA) has received eleven dogs that were surrendered by Patricia J. Gregory, 42, of Stockport. Ms. Gregory was arrested by New York State Police on Friday, January 15, 2016 on fourteen counts of cruelty to animals. Each count is a class A misdemeanor, and carries a potential sentence of up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.


CGHS/SPCA was contacted by State Police and informed that there were numerous dogs without food and water on Ms. Gregory’s property and that Ms. Gregory was nowhere to be found.


CGHS/SPCA Cruelty Investigator and President Ron Perez, along with other CGHS/SPCA staff members, responded to the scene and found eleven mixed breed dogs alive and partial remains of three other dogs. The dogs were brought to the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA, and all were examined by CGHS/SPCA Medical Director Dr. Jerry Bilinski. Among the findings were emaciation, multiple bite wounds, and skin infections.


All eleven of the remaining dogs from the seizure are anticipated to make a full recovery. The ages of the dogs range from approximate eight months to five years old. The breeds are a mix of spaniels, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Beagles.


“We like to commend the New York State Police for their quick actions and attention to this horrific crime against animals. It appears that they arrived in the nick of time, otherwise there would certainly have been more fatalities. In addition, we’d like to thank the Columbia County District Attorney’s office for their assistance in this case,” stated Ron Perez, President/CEO of CGHS/SPCA.


All dogs will be in need of homes after recovery. Any parties interested in applying for pre-qualification can contact CGHS/SPCA at (518) 828-6044 extension 100, or via the web at cghs.org.Gregory Cruelty PR 01-16-16