Fundraiser by 8-yr old supports CGHS/SPCA and Pitbulls

Posted Monday at 4:40pm

Jun 2

Kylee, an 8 year old from Schodack, raised over $200 for the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA. Kylee saved the money collected from her report card, bottle, and Christmas earnings. Kylee also sold homemade biscuits and handkerchiefs at a family garage sale, and has even started painting friends and family members’ nails to raise money. With her birthday coming soon her guests were asked to bring toys, blankets, or money to donate to CGHS/SPCA. Kylee is an avid animal lover, and she and her family just rescued another Pitbull to accompany the 11 year old Pitbull that they adopted from CGHS/SPCA about 10 years ago. Kylee is an advocate of the breed, and hopes that someday Pitbulls won’t be discriminated against. Kylee states: “they are the best!”