Hillsdale, NY

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May 1

In early March, the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA (CGHS/SPCA) assisted the New York State Police (Troop K Livingston) in executing a warrant to remove eight horses, one miniature horse, one pony, ten cows, and two calves from a farm in Hillsdale, NY. The horses and pony were trapped in a field on top of a mountain, surrounded by four feet of snow. The owner had not cleared the snow from the logging road leading to the field, and the situation for the horses was desperate; they had survived for over a week without food and water. CGHS/SPCA hired a snow removal company to dig a path to the field so their staff were able to reach and remove the horses. All the horses were found alive, albeit thin and hungry. The owner, Margorie Hanson, was charged by the New York State Police with animal cruelty and later pled guilty to those charges.


Currently, the horses, miniature horse, and pony are in foster care, and the cows have since been adopted. CGHS/SPCA is looking for forever homes for all the horses. To view the horses, please visit the shelter’s Facebook account, or for more information, please call (518) 828-6044 ext. 100 or email jessica@cghs.org.


“We are so grateful to the New York State Police in Livingston and the Columba County District Attorney’s Office for all their attention with this case. Due to their swift actions, all the animals were saved and the owner, Ms. Hanson, is now prohibited from owning animals for two years,” said Ron Perez, CGHS/SPCA President.