Kid’s Grape Stand Proceeds Donated to Help Mauled Puppy

Posted Tuesday at 5:44pm

Sep 10

Elisha Clause (11 years old) and Clair Moore (12 years old) of Jefferson Heights created a homemade grape juice stand on Saturday, September 7. After discovering that a puppy had been maimed and abandoned in their community, they decided to take the proceeds – all $18 – and send it to the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA to help offset the adoption fee of the puppy once it has fully recovered.

The puppy is currently recovering at the Chathams Small Animal Hospital under the care of Dr. Jerry Bilinski, who donated a great share of the veterinary and recovery costs involved. The puppy is expected to recover completely and return to CGHS/SPCA to find it’s forever home.

“[We] wanted to do this because we either have or have had dogs and we couldn’t imagine this happening to our dogs…doing this is a good way to support the shelter and do community service, and we’re so happy to do it,” Clause and Moore wrote in a letter to CGHS/SPCA CEO Ron Perez.

“You just can’t get over the hearts of children in our community,” said Perez. “If everyone followed their footsteps, what this puppy went through would never have happened. The world is a better place because of this kind of random generosity. We’d like to thank Elisha and Clair on behalf of shelter, and even more so, on behalf of the puppy.”