Youngster’s Birthday Benefits CGHS

Posted Friday at 4:03pm

Nov 18

Nine year-old Jacquie Fitzmaurice has a different take on birthday gifts:  giving rather than receiving. For her 9th birthday earlier this month, Jacquie requested donations of cash and pet-related goods to benefit the homeless animals at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA. She wound up collecting an amazing $165 at the fesitivities, along with a trunkload of food and treats. Pictured is Jacquie, handing off the torch of compassion to CGHS/SPCA President and CEO Ron Perez Jr. and playful shelter resident Sally, a Beagle pup.

“Our thanks go out to Jacquie, and we wish her the best; no reward is too great for such a selfless act of humanitarianism,” complimented Ron Perez of young Jacquie. “The world can always use more people with hearts like hers.”